MDP6 Police Dash Cam System


The lowest-priced Police car camera system available today. Its great value for all police & sheriff departments.


Original Affordable Police Dash Cam System MDP6 HD

Police Dash cam MDP6

Universal Police Dash Camera System for police departments

Police dash cam system records Video in 1080P HD.
Finally, an in-car video camera as versatile as your police department.
In addition, it has almost 1 Mile Zoom. You can install it yourself.  Perfect for Small police departments or Sheriff agencies. Imagine you can read a license plate from around a mile or way or record a drug deal from blocks away.

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police car camera systems no hidden fees

Worlds Only Police Car Camera System usable both In and Outside the vehicle.

#1 Police Dash Cam system

The Digital Partner  6 HD police Dash-Cam incorporates a digital in-car video system.  Crime scene video camera all in one unit.

Welcome to the Future of Police in-car Camera Video Systems that fit in the palm of your hand.

Finally, a dual-purpose police dash camera system is available to departments on a budget. Now you’re ready to record HD video. Code 10-8 on every shift!  The Digital Partner records in 1080P HD.  All for $1895.00 each.

New for 2020,  Officer Command Remote Console Controller only for the MDP6

For over 20 years now we have been designing and engineering the police in-car camera systems to have some of the most advanced practical applications that ever police force can afford. In our latest version of the MDP6 HD dash-camera we have been able to achieve HD video recording along with a quick snap still photo button on the new officer’s remote control joystick.

Digital Partner police dash camera allows you to record police stops and then have the ability to remove the camera and take witness statements or domestic assault testimonies all with the same dash-cam.
We have been working on restoring the beloved command remote control that gives officers the ability to activate the recorder and zoom in and out without touching the police dash camera.

Face Clarity and license plate sharpening feature

Police Dash-Camera face recogniton

Police Dash Cam System

These features optimize focus on faces and license plates, exposure, and color for best results. So if you have 3 suspects in front of your vehicle it will sharpen all the faces. Even if the suspect leaves the frame, they will be remembered and prioritized upon re-entering the scene.

Comes with a ceiling visor mount
Being able to record on the SD Memory Card gives your department the flexibility for any perceivable court scenario. Providing video evidence of pursuits, and snapshots of physical evidence are your surefire way to get a conviction.

The entire police car camera-dash in-car video system fits in the palm of your hand!

Police Dash Cam System small size

If you have ever wondered why police dash cameras are so big and have so many parts, we did as well. That’s why we designed our revolutionary in-car system using a small touchscreen. Being so small, it doesn’t interfere with your rearview mirror or takes up space on your console. You can even mount it on the ceiling. The system records onto solid-state SD memory cards. Fewer parts mean more reliability.

Always get the evidence you need, because the system has multiple ways of automatic activation. The camera and audio are triggered by the officer’s wireless microphone, light bar activation connection or manual activation.

This is the smallest police digital in-car video package in the world. Easily fitting into the palm of your hand for evidence gathering. Collect irrefutable video evidence without having to hire an outside videographer for each case.

Included in every MDP6 police in-car video system is a permanent visor mount. The visor mount will still allow you to quickly dismount the camera for use outside the car. (visor mount is included.)

The Digital Partner 6 Police in-car video system uses the latest Sony image stabilization technology, preventing shaky video as you see on older systems. The police car camera recording comes out clean and smooth even on unpaved roads, making it the perfect system for rural police departments.

Police Dash-Cam Features:
  • Records inside and outside the car
  • Records Video in 1080P HD
  • Almost 1 Mile Zoom
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Easy Commander Remote Control for Recording, Zoom in-out and Photos from your console of the car
  • Shots 9 Megapixel Still Photos
  • Records video to SDHC memory cards
  • Light bar activation
  • Officer Wireless Microphone record activation
  • Install it yourself

Smart Technology Police Wireless Microphone

Police Car Camera wireless officer microphone

Over 33 years of engineering went into making our police wireless microphone the best in the world.  It has an industry-leading distance of over 1500 Feet.  The most important feature of our wireless microphone is its high fidelity sound. The voice clarity is CD quality. It uses the 2.4Ghz Frequencies and has 99 frequencies that it’s hopping continuously for security.  The Martel police wireless microphone system is a 2-way transmitter, which means that the wireless microphone can activate record on the MDP6 and the MDP6 can automatically turn on the officer’s wireless microphone, ensuring audio at all times.

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