Standardized Police in-car Video camera system bid sheet RFP  

These police car cameras bid specification sheets can be printed and used for your police department. 

  1. The in-car camera shall be capable of recording onto a SDHC memory card.
  2.  The in-car camera shall be capable of recording in 640×480 resolution, 1280×720 video resolution HD and 1980×1080 HD. In addition, the camera must record 15 frames per second, 30 frames per second, and 60 frames per second in each resolution.
  3.  The rear camera shall be capable of recording independently of the front camera on two separate files.
  4.  DVR shall be capable of selecting pre-event recording in increments of 30, 60 and 120 seconds.
  5. DVR must be capable of creating custom event video tags in the camera system.
  6. DVR must be capable of wirelessly uploading video without any additional equipment.
  7.  DVR must be capable of setting a home location so upload can only be triggered to upload video at the police station.
  8.  DVR should be capable of scanning and overlaying driver license IDs and recording data.
  9. DVR shall allow multiple officers to login without a password using the touchscreen for shift changes.
  10. DVR recording ON/OFF must be controlled by the light bar as well as the officer.
  11. DVR must be compatible and interface with Stalker, MPH, Decatur and Kustom Signals radars.
  12. System must be able to turn on/off : GPS latitude/longitude, speed of vehicle, radar gun targeting information, Wi-Fi Video Uploading, rear suspect camera, driver licenses scanner
  13. Wireless uploading trigger distance must be selectable in 150 or 300 feet.