Police in-car camera systems are using high-end technology

Police car cameras systems have been used for over 20 years now, but now a new level of technology is aiding in the collection of video evidence. Now with evidence management software, we can collect via the Wi-Fi the body camera and in-car cameras evidence efficiency into a complete solution. This special integration allows the user to wireless communion routers or air card in their police vehicles to upload the videos. The collection of video evidence saves thousands of officer man how’s a year. It is also reassures the police chief or sheriff that the video is being collected and placed into the correct usable formats on their servers. Police in-car cameras systems now are smaller, records in high definition and are quick to install. There are more ways to trigger the record activation in the current camera systems.

Buy the best police car camera system

Buy the best police car camera system

Here is the list a complete list of Police Dash Cam record triggers:

  • Light bar record activation
  • Police car speed ceiling record activation
  • Wireless microphone activation
  • Crash Sensor record activation¬†

Police in-car Video Game Changers

The latest innovation for in-car cameras for police vehicles is wireless offloading of video and audio files with a private VPN or network. This technology allows the police officers to concentrate on their jobs and not worry about the video evidence. Our police car camera systems give you 2 options for uploading the video to your computers. The first option is an SD memory card. The seconds are Wi-Fi wireless offloading of video automatically using a private 802.11 network.

Police in-car camera systems technology

Police in-car camera systems have more advanced features we are going to discuss in-depth in upcoming articles. We are the experts on in-car camera systems for police departments.