Police Car Cameras provide the answer to trust issues in cities the police chiefs want.

Police Chiefs are getting pressured by the public. There is a better way for a police agency to build back the trust. The main issue is accountability of the officers who are on patrol. Often times citizens will complain about a traffic stop and want to see the patrol cameras recordings.  The witnesses only see half of the events, so counting on their testimony might cause your agency some problems. To get it right, you will need police car video cameras, that is the only solution to this vast nation-wide conversation. The unbiased accountability of the dash-cam allows police departments to have 100% proof of proper conduct.

What exactly is a Police Car Camera System?

The police car video dash camera is a digital video recording system that is hard-mounted into a police cruiser. The in-car camera records police incidents between law enforcement and the public, giving everyone a correct view of the stop.
Right now around 80% of the highway police cars have installed in-car camera systems to record traffic incidents.

Protections that come from the Police in-car Camera?

There is a huge advantage from the police fleet equipping police cars with in-car video systems that are digital. The most beneficial features of these systems are that they can solve issues that arrive during incidents. The digital video evidence that is captured is exactly how the incident happened. This tool can eliminate disputes among the citizenry. Police car cameras have also been shown to aid in officer safety and high standards of conduct. It puts the power back in the hands of the police chiefs and administrators to conduct reviews, therefore halting bad behavior. The last benefit of police car cameras is writing reports that are more accurate by the officers themselves. The environment is ready for the public to see actual footage from the cars. Police car video cameras give us the best solution to solve this huge problem of our time.