The Police Car Camera Video System has a Proven Track Record (Police Dash-Cam)

The Police Car Camera Video System has a Proven Track Record (Police Dash-Cam)

Police car camera video system has had a huge impact on policing. For this reason, the in-car video camera is the most important item in the police cruiser.

The main reason the police car camera video system is used is to give the law enforcement agencies the upper hand.  Recording video evidence is important. The auto record triggers have made it possible for police chiefs and Sheriffs to carry out in-car video policies.  Because the chiefs are not on-scene. Police in-car systems have some major technological advantages over the officer portable body cameras.

 Police car camera video system

Finally, the perfect video tool against false complaints. The car’s platform has allowed using reliable electrical systems.  Presently the police pursuit vehicle is reliable. The batteries in the cars are very stable for running continuously 24 hours a day. Likewise, police in-car video recorders need a constant battery feed. Hence, this allows the police in-car video system to record continuously.  Consequently, allowing the recorder capture evidence up to 2 minutes before recording.


Finally, this feature will never work on police body cameras.

The Police body-worn camera systems have limited small battery life. The body-worn cameras have a number of limitations but none as great as physical size or officer-controlled entirely.  Likewise, is going to be an engineering impossibility for body-cameras. The body camera technology may never catch up to the in-car video cameras.

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