New Digital Police Car Camera Technology: How the Latest Technology is a Game Changer for Lawn Enforcement

Digital Police Car Camera Technology

Digital Police Car Camera Technology

Digital Police Car Camera Technology
The new era of High Definition Cameras is having a huge effect on law enforcement. The latest technology every police chief in the nation is buying them.

We are going to outline the 3 most advantageous options for police departments.

Digital police car camera technology is available today for law enforcement.

1. High Definitions CMOS Police Car Cameras:

These tiny crystal clear images are making their way into cutting-edge police car camera systems and body cameras. They hold a clear advantage over the analog eye just used a few years ago.

2. Wide Angle Flat CMOS camera images:

This is probably the only website in the world that will inform you about the advanced flat lens. These special cameras are incorporated into Martel police dash camera systems.  Flat CMOS cameras give a wide view while recording. It doe not distort edges like fish eye lenses.
3. Facial Recognition police car camera systems:

This special software allows software or machine learning to see and recognizes faces. This is the wave of the future.  It can recognize faces and match them to a wanted suspect database. Therefore, the software is also drawing boxes around faces and sharpening the faces up.

New police car camera technologies are given the police department the advantage

Most police departments today are utilizing police dash cameras and body cameras. The outcome of this is a benefit for the officers and the civilians. The in-car cameras are a must for all police departments.

The statistic shows those police departments that have dash camera systems installed in the cars are protected from citizen complaints. According to the International Police Chiefs Association (IACP), where there is a dash camera video recording, 94% of the complaints against officers are dismissed.

The newest police dash camera system technologies are aiding law enforcement. If you need help choosing a police dash cam or an in-car video camera system we can help.   Feel free to call or email us. 800-553-5536 or

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