The Worlds Only Police Car Camera System usable both Inside and Outside the vehicle. The Digital Partner 6 HD police Dash-cam incorporates a digital in car video system and a crime scene video camera all in one unit. Welcome to the Future of Police in Car Video Systems that fit in the palm of your hand. Finally, a dual-purpose camera system is available to departments on a budget. Now you’re ready to with HD video code 10-8 on every shift!  The Digital Partner records in 1080P HD. New for 2016 is an officers command console remote control joystick. It allows you to take full control over the camera system without touching it directly.  

Police Dash Cam System Package Includes:

  • Sony HD Camcorder records to Micro SD Card 
  • Martel Wireless Microphone Receiver
  • Martel Wireless Officer Transmitter
  • Micro SD Memory Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Installation Diagram
  • 2 Year Warranty