In-Car Video Grant Information

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Police In-car video grant.  Because of tight budgets and increasing need for police car camera video.  Many law enforcement organizations are searching out grants. Even more grant opportunities to help you with purchasing.

Get your department the right camera police camera recording equipment.

Eligible police car camera & dash cam grant assistance

In addition to the opportunities links that we have gathered for your agency. Likewise, we cover a huge assortment of funding opportunities for your police agency. Finally, federal grants change from year to year so you need to check with the agency offering the grants.

We have gathered a comprehensive list to aid with your police departments grant writing. There are many ways to procure funds for law enforcement. Most are with the Department of Justice office. The other sources are private companies who give generously to local police departments.  If you need help we are here for you just use the form at the bottom of the page, its free. If you are a police department and need help writing a winning grant proposal for police car cameras read our help page.

Bureau of Justice Assistance: Official Justice Assistance Grant program for Law Enforcement

Department of Homeland Security (DHS):  The DHS distributes millions of dollars. As a result, grants are allocated to police departments. Access to 1000s of grants and tutorials on how to get them

COPS (Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services): Similar to the Bureau of Justice Assistance. (COPS) provides dozens of regional grants for smaller departments in need. Provides access to a consolidated list of grants.  These are available to law enforcement. They have the personnel to help you write your grant proposal

Federal law enforcement agencies that can help your police department.

Finally, we covered several grants for your police department. Likewise, we have private opportunities as well. Police chiefs using the police dash cam more effectively. In conclusion, we a comprehensive support for your researching in-car video grants.