Martel police in-car video cameras made in the USA

police car camera systems no hidden fees

America’s leader in police in-car video cameras.

New in-car police camera technology for law enforcement. Martel is the premier engineering of law enforcement video camera systems.  

Reliable, Durable, Affordable police car cameras

Martel Electronics has been engineering premium police in-car camera systems for over 30 years now.  Above all, we use advanced technology. Our systems are the one most reliable and durable police cameras.  If you entrust us with your police department’s budget, we will take care of you. Even more, is our systems last.


Martel’s in-car video cameras were designed and made to be deployed by the police departments.   Martel systems have been tested for over the last 18 years, proving their durability and ease of use. Our world-class staff of engineers provides police departments with durable, reliable proven solutions. Our police dash cams are engineered to fit your department’s needs.


  • Most noteworthy to incorporate a touchscreen to control
  • touchscreen user interface
  • Years of refinement using feedback from the police departments provide an intuitively designed interface for quick use

Finally, our company designs police car cameras in California.  Furthermore, our engineering and sales teams are all together in one environment. This allows us to respond quickly to the customer. This allows us to take your suggestions and make them a reality. We engineer a superior police car camera video system. If you entrust Martel with your hard-earned budget, we promise to provide you with high-quality cameras.