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Our site will continue to investigate the police car camera and how it affects policing. We will also review the different car cameras available to police departments.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of police car cameras. Martels police car camera system provides the true 720p & 1080P high definition resolution for important video evidence.

Our police car camera solutions create a video to an SD card in the police car.

This police car camera information site video covers a wide variety of in-car video cameras for law enforcement, police in-car video systems, police car camera systems, digital video recorders, and other police in-car camera options.
Here is a list of the most common police car camera systems features:
1. 2 Cameras, rear, and front.
2. Touchscreen with in-car playback for writing reports
3. Radar gun interfacing.
4. Records HD video to SDHC solid-state card
Future updates to the DC6 will be uploaded in the field via wifi networks at the police station. Software updates will install seamlessly with the DC6 in-car cameras hardware.

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