The DC6 is the ultimate Police Car Camera system for Police Departments.

The solid state of the art design has no moving parts or problems that come from moving parts.  This allows us to manufacture the one ff most rugged system on the market. The DC6 Sleek Solid State in-Car Video System can record up to 1080P HD video. The Martel in-car camera is engineered to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The DC6 can wireless video upload upon returning the police station, and many more.  This rugged unit has an easy officer interfacing touch screen.  You are going to be amazed as a police chief or sheriff how much value you get for your hard-earned budget. We offer a try before you buy Program

Event Alarm Triggers for the police in-Car Camera

Record Activation can be triggered by the following inputs:

  • Wireless Officer Microphone transmitter
  • Light bar switch

Police in-car Camera system Features:

  • Turns on when the car starts
  • Records direct to SD card
  • Records is HD 1080 or 720P .mp4 video files can be played with windows media player without converting it.
  • Can also wireless upload the video via police station own WIFI network without monthly charges
  • All videos are stored onsite by police department and controlled by police chief or sheriff
  • Simple 2 piece design for easy install by police or installer.

With the Martel Sleek Solid State In-Car Video System you do not have to have a server, DVD, or hard to get the video evidence that you will need. 

The files are saved directly to an SD card and named by the date and the officer and PD name. 

Police Car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Downloading/Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station


International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) – In-Car Camera Report

Sales Only to Law Enforcement Agencies