Police in-car Video Camera Accessories:

police car camera systems no hidden fees

In-car video camera accessories part list. Above all police are searching for the best police car camera.  First of all, Martel makes a large assortment of police car camera system accessories. Also, we have an assortment of accessories.  They range from rear seat suspect cameras to radar interfacing cables.

We even have an accessory that enables our DC7 HD in-car camera system to wireless video upload its video files from the car to the police station’s server, the solution is totally automated.

Consequently, the heart of the in-car camera system is the DC7 HD in-car camera system.  The DC6 is a feature-rich in-car video camera system it has a long list of custom accessories.

 Police in-car Video Camera Accessories list of accessories for police car cameras:



Optional Outside Police Car Camera system Wifi Antenna for uploading videos 

in-car Video Camera Accessories Auto Wireless Download Starter Kit

  • Drive within 1000 feet of the police station and the download begins automatically
  • No Computer or Mobile Data Center required
Automatic  Wifi Video Uploading Adapter kit for DC7
in-car Video Camera Accessories Police car camera automatic wifi uploading
This option enables the use of your DC6 Police Car Camera System with the Auto Wireless Uploading/downloading starter kit. Each DC7 must have this option for automatic wireless video uploading. DC7 units may be upgraded at any time for use with the Auto wireless download starter kit.
 .  Police in-car video GPS Satellite Location 
in-car Video Camera Accessories crash sensor Police in-car video GPS The Global Positioning Satellite interface records the latitude, longitude, and speed of the police car. Information that’s key to the prosecution of fleeing suspects. The GPS system automatically corrects the time and date using NASA satellites for extreme accuracy.
 Police in-car camera system Rear Seat Super sensitive cage microphone 


in-car Video Camera Accessories Police car camera system rear seat covert microphone

  • Ultra-sensitive microphone to listen in to suspects’ conversations, collecting some of the most solid evidence possible. The microphone plugs directly into the DC6, and MDP6 Systems.
  • Police in-car video camera systems radar interfacing cable
    in-car Video Camera Accessories Police in-car video camera radar cable
    Enables the speed of the targeted vehicle to be recorded at the top of the video. Record into evidence your reason for stopping the vehicle. Compatible with almost all brands of radar guns.

    Please specify your radar gun brand at the time of purchase.
  • Kustom Signals Radar
  • Decatur Radar
  • MPH Radar
  • Stalker Radar
Facial recognition software & license plate recognition software. ALPR. Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology. How Does ALPR Technology Work?
In addition, police car camera video systems of license plates and then check them against a database of known problem plates.
 2.4GHz PRO Digital Officers Wireless Microphone Transmitter
in-car Video Camera Accessories Police officers wireless microphone transmitter
A replacement transmitter for all DC6, MDP6 systems. The internal microphone is controlled by a microprocessor allowing for pristine audio in all situations.
Police Wireless Microphone transmitter battery replacement.
Police Wireless Microphone battery replacement
Replacement battery for the pro 2.4ghz wireless transmitter. The Martel wireless microphone transmitter pack has a rechargeable battery inside it. The police department can change the battery by removing the 2 screws on the shell and snapping the new batteries dry in place. Batteries are $40 fax purchase orders to email order to law@marteldigtal.com

Hard to find police in-car Video Camera Accessories

A list of Accessories for in-car video cameras include:

  • Wifi Video uploading adapter
  • Rear seat suspect cage camera
  • Rear seat suspect cage microphone
  • Optional Crash Sensor
  • GPS\speed NASA Satellite receiver
  • Police officer’s wireless transmitter leather pouch
  • On-Screen integrated police car camera Radar interfacing cable
  • SDHC Memory cards
  • Wireless microphone changeable battery
  • Turn-key ready Video Evidence Management computers with large hard drives
  • Outside Wi-Fi private access point with AC Gigabyte uploads

In addition, we manufacture our own line of in-car video camera Accessories. If you need help choosing and buying an in-car video camera accessory please feel free to contact us.