The Best In-Car Video Systems For Police Departments with Artificial Intelligence Revolutionary

Today’s high tech police agencies are moving towards more advanced police dash cams, such are the Martel DC6 HD in-car camera with Artificial intelligence and blockchain readiness. This new type of police car camera. The issue with most police departments today is that they are buying dash cameras that have components such as the digital video recorder that is made in one country, and the camera head is made in another factory abroad and both are not designed to work together. The Martel DC6 HD in-car video system is designed here in California from the ground up to work as one system. We designed and engineered the total system to work as one. Even though you are getting state of the art video technology at an affordable price, we have your best interest in mind about reliability.

Martel DC6 In-Car Video System High Definition with AI

Police in-car camera system DC6-DC3

Since Martel has been designed and manufacturing police in-car camera’s system for over 30 years now, we are choosing the best quality parts to ensure performance. We have included new tools and options to help officers and department streamline data, video and metadata collection. We have the industries most Reliable video systems in the world.

Martel police in-car video systems serving in both Iraq wars
A little-known fact is that Martel police in-car cameras were sent to Iraq with our troops in the gulf wars. Our systems are not only Military grade 810G but also very easy to use for our soldiers.

Our latest high definition in-car video system features

Along with HD recordings, we have enabled a very small data rate in 1280 by 720P recording option. This gives the police department a high-quality video evidence but without the huge storage cost. Also, we have created a way for police agencies to customize their own event tags and case Identification numbers directly into our DC6 police car camera.

Unlimited Storage Capacity for our New in Car video Camera System DC6

The DC6 can run on 256 GB SD cards or 1 Terabyte SDHC memory cards. There is no limit to storage so as the cards get cheaper you can buy large cards.

Touch Screen Easy User interface

Every Martel in-car camera system we manufacture has to have a simple officer user interface. Martel makes sure that the systems can be used immediately by every police officer without training them. This ensures that the police dash cam will be used all the time by everyone.

Why Choose Martel Police Car Camera System?

We have designed out advance DC6 police car camera to simply be the best in the world. The DC6 HD records to an SDHC card and the video files are standard .mp4. You can play them with Windows Media player. No special video player or passwords needed.
2 Piece Design makes it easy to install on headline or console.

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