Police Dash Camera System huge benefits

Police Dash Camera System gives you police a super advantage. After 23 years of service, the police dash camera is the most reliable accurate recorder of an incident. Almost all police departments now are using in-car police video systems. 

Police Dash Camera System MDP6

As a result, questions still remain about the police body camera

The body cameras have the potential to be a really helpful technology. Consequently, issues arrive when you see the police body camera footage. Here is a list of the issues associated with body cameras. BJA’s Body-Worn Camera Team developed the National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit website.

  • The video evidence is super close to the suspects and looks usually very bad or dramatic for the police officer.
  • The video is footage does not contain side views
  • Your body may block the view of the camera.

In addition, these are crucial things for police chiefs to consider before buying and implementing a police body camera policy.

Citizens false reporters of officer misconduct and police dash camera systems

If a citizen reports the misconduct of a police officer the in-car video camera can immediately prove the officer’s actions are justified. This is a huge potential cost saving from legal damages that a police department may have to pay out. If the police dash camera system is high definition this is even better because of the crystal clear video evidence. The police car camera has a large perceptive field of view.  Since the dash camera is usually 10 to 15 feet back from the police officer and the suspect the video shows a greater field of view than a body camera.

Most of all your police dash camera systems give you a superior perspective of the suspect and the incident. This allows your police agency to give a non-bias view of the entire incident. The police dash cam system has become the most indispensable piece of technology in the police car today.