This table below shows how buying a police car camera and body camera can be a quick and painless decision.

How long has the manufacturer been making in-car cameras?   2 Years – Bad 5 Years – ok  15 Years – Best
What is the warranty period of the car cameras? 1 Year – Bad  2 to 3 Years Bad 5 Years – Best 
Does the DVR in the car camera use a proprietary video format that can not be playback by Windows OS without a special conversion software?      

This major purchase can have untold effects on your law enforcement agency. Arm your police department with these few important facts before you buy!

Purchasing an affordable police car cameras system might look attractive to a law enforcement agency it may have hidden costs locked into the system.
This special information was meant to help police chiefs avoid mistakes when purchasing an in-car camera system. My background is in camera design and features for police cameras.

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