Police Body Cameras

The ultra reliable Crime Cam desgined exclusviel for police departments

Body Cam Packages

Police Body Cameras with onsite storage and computers. Packages up to 100 officers

DC7 In-Car Camera

The best Police Car Camera system with hands free wireless video uploading Price $3300.

MDP6 Police Dash Cam

The most affordable and versatile police dash camera. Price $1999.99

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Police Body Camera Packages with onsite Computer & Storage Solutions

We have police body cameras packages with 6, 12, 24, 50 & 100 officers. All video is stored at the police department. Get your written quote today.

The DC7 Ultimate police car camera system

The solid state of the art design has no moving parts or problems that come from moving parts. This allows us to manufacture the one of most rugged system on the market. The DC7 Sleek Solid State in-Car Video System can record up to 1080P HD video with 2 cameras, front and rear. Also auto wireless video hands free uploading.

The affordabel police in-car & outside of the car camera system

Welcome to the Future of Police in Car Video Systems that fit in the palm of your hand. Finally, a dual-purpose camera system is available to departments on a budget.

Police Car Cameras + body Cams & packages for law Enforcement

We have a police camera for every police budget, if you need help please call 800-553-5536

Police body Cams & Packages

6 Officer police body camera package for police departments
Police Body Camera Packages

MDP6 Police Dash Cam $1895.00

MDP6 $1895.00

The DC7 Ultimate Police Car Camera system with 2 Cameras + WIFI video uploading! $3330.00

DC7 $3330.00

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Latest Police Car Camera news

Get the latest information regarding police in-car cameras, police body cameras and body worn cams.  Martel is the place where police chiefs learn how to buy police car camera solutions

Police in-car camera systems are using high-end technology Police car cameras systems […]