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Police car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station.

Heres how Police Car Cameras Wireless Automactic Video downloading 802.11n works:

The Police car with a MDE2 system in it, drives near the police station. The MDE2 system automatically connects to a 802.11N wireless network that has been provided by Martel. The Police Car Camera system sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station.

Indicator lights on your touch screen will tell you when a fully encrypted high speed connection is made. Red, for no connection. Yellow, for a weak connection and Green for a strong connection.
Explanation Diagram how the police car cameras wireless download of video and audio files works

When the password is received and the connection is secure the wireless receiver then tells the MDE2 Police Car Camera to begin the transfer. Upon completing the videos transfer to the police stations server, the receiver then checks the integrity of the file and verifies all video has transferred successfully. Finally the receiver commands the MDE2 Police Car Camera to erase all files so the vehicle and camera system are ready to continue patrolling.

If the police car camera pulls away from the station and the transfer is not complete, the download will pause. When you come back into contact with the station, the download starts from where it left off. Police Car Camera Smart Transfer Technology. Worlds, Only Intelligent Police In car camera system with Smart Transfer Technology, Revolutionary!

Security and Encryption: We utilize the most secure WiFi network available. Advanced 128bit security and SPI firewall protection safeguards both the video transfer and the computers on your network. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Police Departments, & IT Personnel. If your Police Car video system records in MPEG4 or h.264 video formats, there's a few important things you need to consider. First, if you have a police chase video that is 4 hours in length, it will take you at least 4-6 hours to trans-code it into a playable DVD-Video for court. Second, the trans-coding process changes the data, making it non-original evidence. In contrast, Martel's Police Car video systems record in MPEG2 also known as native DVD format. A 4 hour video will take 4 minutes to burn a playable DVD-Video with our system, cutting your back end costs and time expenditures.

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How Police Car Cameras Systems Wireless Downloading Video Files to Police Station

My Review of Martel Police Car Camera Systems with Auto Wi-Fi Video Downloading products.

  First off I痿囘 like to say Martel Products are one of the best that I痿况e ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been running Martel Cameras in the patrol cars for over a year now. The Server install was probably the toughest part of the deployment, but after that was setup and running we have had zero problems out of it. That is what I like about using Martel, once it is setup and running its all automated. I have spent very little time in the past year having to trouble shoot or repair their product. Our IT department consists of myself and another IT guy to cover support for the whole city. So to have a product that is automated and trouble free is worth its weight in gold if you ask me. They have made it simple to use and simple to maintain. Another great thing about Martel server product is doesn痿冲 require any extra 3rd party software, such as SQL or anything like. Set up IIS, ASP .net framework, and Windows Indexing service, then you痿决e ready to install the server software. You just point the directory you want the videos uploaded to and there it is ready to be burned to disk for evidence in the court room. Their Customer support is top notch, very knowledgeable in the products they sell. I have not had to call on them a whole lot, in fact I think I might have called twice during my year of Constance use. I look forward to continue using their product and keeping my setup updated and maintained. Over all I would give them 5 stars !! Excellent job Martel.

PS. Moore Police Department has over 30 Martel Police Car Cameras.
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