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To Martel Electronics:  


From Assistant Chief of Police, Sorrento Louisana


How my Martel police incar camera system saved my life.


         In this day and age police agencies spend vast amounts of money training their officers for the unthinkable. The loss of a brother is a tragic and weighs heavy on our minds forvere. When we think of life saving equipment and training, we seldon think of video cameras. As a matter of fact, most officers refer to them as "Big Brothers ever watchful eye". Most adminsistrators often reject request for in-car video systems. This is in line with the mindset that a camera cannot stop a bullet. This is indeed true, but taking a officers life doesn't always mean stopping his heart from beating.


        A few months ago, I stopped a woman traveling Westbound on Interstate 10, who was driving her vehicle in such a reckless manner she actually forced another vehicle to leave the roadway instead of collision. As I activated my emergency lighting equipment, my Martel police in car camera began to record. Or should I say, began to save my life. Three miles later she finally stopped. Upon contact with the driver, I immediately knew this one wasn't going to go well. As a working patrol officer and departmental administrator, I am prone to letting people vent frustration while awaiting a citation. After al, no ones likes to be in trouble and some handly their emotions differently. As a professional officer, one has to adjust to those emotions. When she discovered that flirtatiou innuendoes were not going to get her out of a citation, things quickly turned south.


       The following day the Chief summoned me to his office. There I learned the woman had called him to get information for her attorney. She informed the Chief that I had inappropriately touched her person and attempted to strike a bargain for secual favor instead of a traffic citation. When the Chief informed her of our in-car video capability, she quickly terminated the call. We have since heard from her in person, but her traffic citations were paid via/mail shortly there after.


     Like many of my brothers in the law enforcement community, I am dedicatd t my duties. My officers and I train for life threating events on a regular basis. this encounter may not have stopped my heart from beating, but could have changed my world forever. I am a devoted husband, father of three teenage daughter, and servant to my community. My reputation as a professional and credible Police Officer is everything to me, and like my fellow officers, I am 10-8 in my heart. On that day "My Martel in-car camera system" acted as a bullet proof vest. It stopped the bad guy from taking my life, by letting the truth be seen with crystal clear accuracy. The Martel Electronics police car cameras save lives and money.



                                                            Thank You,

                                                                                         Michael J. Langley, Assistant Chief of Sorrento P.D.





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