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Martel has been the leader for police in-car camera systems for over 20 years.  Our dedication to delivering the highest quality patrol car cameras is unmatched.  We are the World’s #1 manufacture of HD police video cameras.  Bringing USA manufacturing with affordable in car camera systems is our goal. We currently offer the most complete line of body cameras and police dash cameras systems on the market today.

The Digital Partner is the original police dash camera system. Its origniated 15 years ago and since the has grown into one of the most popular police video cameras on the market today.

The FRONTLINE CAM is HD police on body worn camera designed for police and military. Its the only police body camera that is completely submersible. Its so advanced its on MIlitary GSA Contract.

The DC3 Police in-car camera system is a feature rich solution for capturing video in the police vehicle.  It can recorder the front camera and rear suspect at the same time. Also the DC3 is outfitted with Automatic Hands Free wireless video uploading from the police car to the police station.

Our cutting eddge digital in car camera system uses wifi to transfer the videos securely from the car to the police headquarters. The file transmission is encrypted.

Martel Electronics has the widest range of accessories for police car camera. We have every desired accessory including some that only we manufacture such as a driver license scanner.

Martel accepts other vendors in car systems as trade in as well as our own products. If you would like a quote on what your system is worth please use the green button below to email us. thank You.

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