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Police car Camera Automatic Hands Free Wireless Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station.


Heres how Police  Wireless Automactic Video downloading works:

The Police car with a DC3 system in it drives near the police station. The DC3 system automatically connects to a 802.11N wireless network that has been provided by Martel. The Police Car Camera system sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station. Indicator lights on your touch screen will tell you when a fully encrypted high speed connection is made. Red, for no connection.  Orange, for a weak connection, and Green for a strong connection.

The DC3 is the most advanced police in car system being manufactured today!




The DC3 Digital in-car camera system is feature rich.  It has every option you can imagine, from solid state contruction to a Military Grade Touchscreen.  If you have been disappointed in the past , it's time to try a US manufactured police car camera system.  Martel systems have an average life span of 11.5 years.  Used by the US Military in all Theatres of war, including Fort Hood, the largest base on US soil.  

Police in-car camera system touchscreen dvr

Touch Screen Controls

The world's most advanced Touchscreen system. The officer sees everything on the screen with intuitive buttons. There are no old fashioned buttons that can break or wear out due to usage.  The Touchscreen on the DC3 is Mil810G tough, making it unique in the world.



1. Time/Date/ Event Tags

2. User Id/ Officer/Department

3. Wireless Video Upload Signal Strength

4. GPS Cordinates

5. Onscreen Indicators, W= Wireless Microphone,

    L=Lightbar, G= Crash Sensor, B= Brakes

6. Radar Gun/ Target - Direction - Speed

7. Index Marking of recording during incidents

8. Record Button

9. Play button

10. Automatic License Plate Zoom in/out

11. Volume Control

12. Time Remaining on memory card


Special Radar Speed Triggering

Allows the recorder to start recording

automatically when the radar detects a

violation. Departments can custom

set the speed trigger. Instock.


police in car camera small zoom camera

Our Police incar Camera systems have an average Life span of               11.5 Years.  Martel has been in business for over 58 Years!

police car camera Military Grade Touch screenpolice car camera altitude tested Mil810G approvedpolice car camera drop tested Mil810Gpolice car camera vibration tested MIl810G standardpolice car camera humidity tested Mil810Gpolice car camera low temperature tested Mil810GPolice car camera High Temperature Tested Mil810GMilitary Police Dust Tested

Drop Tested

High Temperature Tested

Vibration Tested

Humidity Tested

Military Touchscreen

Low Temperature Tested

Altitude Tested

Dust Tested

Mike Marti

Senior Network technician

City of Moore Police Department

City of Moore  has over 90 DC3 Systems

City of Moore PD customer testimonial Senior IT

         First off I'd like to say that Martel Products are some of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been running Martel Cameras in the patrol cars for over a year now.  The Server install was probably the toughest part of the deployment, but after that was setup and running, we have had zero problems out of it. That is what I like about using Martel, once it is setup and running it's all automated.  I have spent very little time in the past year having to trouble shoot or repair their product.  Our IT department consists of myself and another IT guy to cover support for the whole city. So to have a product that is automated and trouble free is worth its weight in gold if you ask me.  They have made it simple to use and simple to maintain.  Another great thing about Martel, is that the server software doesnt require any extra 3rd party software, such as SQL or anything like. You just point the directory you want the videos uploaded to and there it is, ready to be burned to disk for evidence in the court room.  Their Customer support is top notch, very knowledgeable about the products they sell. I have not had to call on them a whole lot, in fact I think I might have called twice during my year of constant use.  I look forward to continue using their product, and keeping my setup updated and maintained.  Over all I would give them 5 stars !! Excellent job Martel.

DC3 police car camera system wireless downloadingDC3 police car camera system wireless downloading
Police car camera GSA Contract GS-07F-007CADC3 police car camera system wireless downloading

Cutting Edge Police Wireless Microphone


1. On/Off Switch

2. External Microphone Jack

3. In Use LED indicator

4. Sync Button

5. Acitvation Button

6. Built-in Microphone

7. Mini USB for charging

8. Stanless Steel Belt Clip

Made in California Completely

Over 20 years of engineering went into making our police wireless microphone the best in the world.  It has an industry leading distance of over 1500 Feet.  The most important feature of our wireless microphone is its high fidelity sound. The voice clarity is CD quality. It uses the 2.4Ghz Frequencies and has 99 frequencies that it's hopping continuously.  The Martel police wireless microphone system is a 2 way transmitter, which means that the wireless microphone can activate record on the DC3 and the DC3 can automactically turn on the officers wireless microphone, ensuring audio at all times.

Military Grade Touchscreen/Glove Friendly

Customer Testimonial

Used by the US Military all over the World

DC3 police in car camera dvr specifications

The Entire System is in the Touchscreen 


police car camera wireless microphone transmitter 2.4ghz frequency hopping

If you have ever wondered why police dash cameras are so big and have so many parts, we did also. That's why we designed our revolutionary in-car system using a small touchscreen. Being so small, it doesn't interfere with your rear view mirror, or take up space on your console. You can even mount the touchscreen on the ceiling. Less parts means more reliability.

Security & Beauty never looked so good in a Police Cruiser

Hugely Powerful, fits in the palm of your hand. Why can't you have it all? Cut from a Solid Piece of Aircraft Aluminum.   We decided long ago that if you invest in our police in car video systems you will not be getting a plastic chinese unit meant for civilians.

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We understand that your fiscal budgets are limited.  The average lifespan on a Martel police camera system is 11.5 years, and has the best return on investment and reliability in the industry. We've been building relationships with police departments for over 58 years now. Our In-car Video Camera Systems for Police & Law Enforcement are designed and manufactured in the United States, giving Americans good paying jobs. That is why a purchase from Martel is a superior investment for your police department and for the country.

police car camera approved Mil810G certifiedpolice in car camera used by US Military Army

Automatic Hands Free Wireless Video Uploading

Military 810G Grade Certified for Ultimate Durability

So Small It Fits in the Palm of Your Hands


in car camera system DC3 mounted headliner.

Law Enforcement/in car Recording System Facts

Touch Screen - Solid State  

300 Hours of Recording

Solid State Design

Directo to SDHC Card

Wireless Video Transfer

2.4Ghz Wireless Microphone System

2 Piece Small Design

Made in the USA

USB Thumbdrive Officer ID Changer

Optional 2 Terabyte - 4169 Hours of recording

Radar on-screen integration

Drivers License Scanner - Case ID input

Police in-car cameras sytems mounted below on console
Police in-car camera system DC3 Mil810GTrade in your old police car cameras and get a new one